Urbaniere | Recycling Bins and Urban Furniture

Urbaniere is an european design and manufacturing company

specializing in quality furniture for urban and real-estate developments. Italian style by design and german quality by technology and standards, we are committed to offer exceptional forms and shapes for any given modern public area.
Our range includes recycling bins, trash cans, benches and various seating options, planters, barriers and many more. The wide variety of objects manufactured by Urbaniere can be found in schools, shopping centers, airports, parks or other city areas around the world.

The Urbaniere Recycling & Litter bins series

includes unique designs of metallic litter bins for waste separation in public spaces. Whether you are looking for metallic recycling bins for office, recycling bins design in stainless steel for shopping centers, outdoor recycling litter bins, modern design recycling trash bins for schools or you are simply looking for a contemporary design metallic recycling bins then you are here at Urbaniere in the perfect place.
Apart from the very popular recycling bins range you will find literally hundreds of modern design litter bins for indoor or outdoor spaces and many models of standing ashtrays and cigarettes bins mostly in limited edition only.

The Urbaniere Benches & Seating series

includes many options for modern seating inside office buildings, public authorities, schools, parks, city streets, shopping malls and airports.
Inspired by the latest trends in public space architecture our exclusive edition benches do offer exceptional design and outstanding quality materials.

The Urbaniere City series

is to be completed with various models of gazebo & shelters for parks or outdoor areas, bicycle stands for street use and a highly customizable range of planters made from stainless steel or FSC certified wood.
As a true partner for urban and real-estate developments we at Urbaniere are always open to new ideas, improvements and customizations in order to deliver you the most suitable and outstanding furniture for the project.

The Urbaniere Commercial & Hospitality

we work closely with Chairs Republic | Office , Commercial & Hospitality Furniture Suppliers. At Chairs Republic you will find a curated range of designer furniture for the hospitality industry and commercial properties. Complete your project with fabulous designs of Hotel Furniture , Café Furniture, Restaurant Furniture, Office Building Furniture or various types of Multi-use Furniture for Shopping Centers, Airport Lounges, Government Buildings and many more.

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