Outdoor Trash Cans

Each business is unique. And so are its recycling needs. Whether you are looking for a VIGIPIRATE outdoor recycling bin or a smart trash can, we can craft the recycling bin that fits your facility like a glove. From volume to unique pictograms and many other customizable features, we are here to cater to your needs!

Buy an outdoor recycling trash can from our range

Outdoor recycling bins must be waterproof and sturdy. The weather conditions cannot have any influence on the reliability of the recycling bin. Otherwise, any waste storage compartments may be damaged and taken out of service.

To meet this challenge, Urbaniere offers a range of containers that are resistant to rough handling, collisions, and bad weather. Meeting certain standards and requirements, our models are of the highest quality. Vigipirate, symbols, colors, smart, hatches, and so on. You will find all the different models of the trash cans you need at Urbaniere.

Come and discover our products on our website. You will not be disappointed by the excellence of our articles as well as by the professionalism of our teams.

A selection of Vigipirate outdoor trash cans

Vigipirate regulations consist in increasing the visibility of the recyclables through transparent compartments or bags. In the event of suspicious waste or packages, the cleaning service may call the police for an immediate and appropriate response.

By buying this type of bin, you bring serenity and security to your employees. Our Boras model consists of three transparent trays with a colored metal frame to correspond to the current color code.

These transparent containers made of wood and plexiglass slats are perfect for outdoor use. They are resistant to bad weather and high temperatures.

Customizable, it is possible to choose the number of compartments you want and their capacity. Urbaniere adapts to your requests to provide a quality service. Do not hesitate to take the time to consider the Vigipirate trash can, and your employees will thank you.

Outdoor trash cans with symbols

Do you think that symbols are more suitable than colors for your business, your local community, and so forth? Urbaniere offers you easy-to-read and high-quality interactive models.

Kuokio is a trash can with symbols, made of steel and wooden slats that are resistant to wear and tear and the adverse effects of the climate. Easy to clean and hygienic, this outdoor model is perfect for your parking spaces, relaxation areas or lawns. Available in three different sizes and colors, this recycling bin guarantees efficient and simple waste sorting.

Kuokio is an elegant model that will give your company a professional and efficient image. You will impress your customers with this brand of innovation. Remember that small details make all the difference.

Colored outdoor waste bins

Are colors better suited to your workplace? Please choose from our range of colorful outdoor trash cans the most suitable model for your employees and customers.

The Androma Fly II recycling bin meets your visibility needs. It consists of two compartments with customizable color. Perfect for your outdoor office spaces, it has a container for beverages and another for the rest of the waste.

It will be particularly suitable for your employees’ outdoor break area. Made of stainless steel, this trash can is hygienic and easy to clean thanks to the shape of its trays.

Smart outdoor trash cans

The smartness of objects attracts you. Take the plunge and buy one of the smart outdoor trash cans in our range. You will be able to remotely monitor the filling rate of your bins as well as optimizing the routing and efficiency of your cleaning teams.

Auriga is a smart trash can that will revolutionize your company’s waste management. You will no longer see garbage collection in the same way.

This recycling bin consists of three compartments equipped with text and image indicators, making it easier to sort the elements to be recycled.

Odorless and hygienic thanks to its functional and state-of-the-art design, the level sensors provide the possibility of accurately monitoring the filling level of the various compartments of the bins.

An alert system incorporated into tracking software alerts you to the contents of your smart bin. This system gives you greater flexibility and control over your waste management.

This software also takes the form of a mobile interface that generates regular reports on the status of your waste bins.

Auriga is available in different sizes. It is a perfect choice for outdoor areas in offices, shopping malls, hotels, and public spaces.

Outdoor trash cans with wheels

Large capacity recycling bins are usually heavy and awkward to move. A system of wheels allows increased mobility with little effort.

Urbaniere offers you a choice of outdoor wheeled bins that will make the work of your cleaning teams easier.

Andromeda is a practical and mobile model with wheels for the outdoor areas of local authorities, businesses, schools, and so on. Not satisfied with its location? Change it quickly and effortlessly.

Thanks to its two stainless steel compartments, it stores a large quantity of waste in complete safety. Each bin is equipped with its information banner allowing for appropriate and simplified waste recycling.

With sliding covers, the trays do not propagate unpleasant odors and are easy to open.

Outdoor trash cans with traps

Do you prefer trash cans with traps? They appear more hygienic and easier to use. Our Pori model will certainly suit you.

Made of plexiglass and therefore transparent, this recycling bin consists of two-colored compartments that are easy to identify.

Space-saving, rustproof and resistant, it is ideal for outdoor areas in airports, railway stations, businesses, and local authorities.

Urbaniere allows you to customize the size and color of your outdoor trapdoor bin. Feel free to contact us for more details on this model. Our team of professionals will be happy to answer your questions.