Recycling Bins With Ashtrays

Keep your facility free of unsightly cigarette debris and unpleasant smells with a line of products that has been crafted keeping functionality, quality, and design in mind. Turn your smoking areas into a hygienic and neat environment with our attractive and performant line of recycling bins with an ashtray!

Buy a recycling bin with an ashtray from our range

As the number one manufacturer in the field of recycling bins, Urbaniere offers you a wide range of recycling containers with ashtrays. Committed to environmental protection and optimized waste management, Urbaniere designs and manufactures modern, unique and affordable waste bins designed for the various sectors of businesses and local authorities. With paper, plastic or organic waste bins, with color or symbol bins, you can discover here our exclusive range of recycling bins with ashtrays.

Why buy a recycling bin with an ashtray?

  • For sustainable development and the protection of our planet:

Did you know that according to a study by the ADEME, a single cigarette end would be enough to pollute up to 500 liters of water? A cigarette thrown to the ground would take a year to decompose! Good reasons to offer a space dedicated to the collection of cigarette ends, and to prevent them from being thrown into the wild.

  • For the cleanliness and hygiene of the premises:

The cigarette ends lying around in the yard, the remains of cigarettes piled up at the entrance to your business, and so on. There is a better working environment!  The recycling bin with ashtray is an ideal way to recycle, and to give your company a better image,

  • To offer a pleasant space to your employees:

For an optimal working environment, provide your employees’ areas dedicated to cigarette breaks.

A selection of recycling bins with ashtrays, and colored multi- bins

Please take advantage of our beautiful selection of recycling bins with ashtrays and colors. With a yellow bin for plastic, a blue bin for paper or a black bin for organic waste, our containers will simplify recycling, which is now mandatory for companies with more than 20 employees. Thanks to our recycling bins with ashtrays and their various colored bins, you can efficiently optimize the distribution of waste, while at the same time providing you with space to store your employees’ cigarette ends.

Our recycling bin with an ashtray, Geneve, is an excellent example of what we offer concerning recycling containers with an ashtray and with colors. With this practical solution, each piece of waste has a respective place, even the cigarette ends, which are represented by a color.

Recycling bins with ashtrays, with multi-bins and symbols.

To offer a complete waste recycling solution, our ashtray recycling bins display simple logos that are understandable to everyone. Multi-bin recycling bins with symbols are a practical and safe alternative. By mixing logos and colors, you and your employees will be helped in your responsible approach thanks to these visual representations:

  • A cigarette stub for the ashtray bin
  • An apple core for organic waste (food scraps, and other naturally generated components that can be broken down by bacteria or fungi before being absorbed by the ecosystem)
  • Newspapers for paper (envelopes, confidential documents, books, and so on).
  • Cans for plastic (cups, for example)

For example, our Geneve model combines colors with images, to leave no room for doubt and promote flawless recycling.

Recycling bins with ashtrays for indoor and outdoor use

Do you want to create a smoking area within your company? Discover our recycling bins specially dedicated to this purpose. Sturdy, modern and stylish, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Like our Geneve model, which will blend into the decor, whether you install it in a courtyard, an open space or inside your company.

Recycling bins with heavy-duty ashtrays

Made of stainless steel, our recycling bins with ashtrays are resistant to shocks but also to bad weather (rain, snow, storms). Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, they are not affected by humidity or extreme temperatures.

Recycling bins with secure ashtrays

Our bins have been designed to provide you with the highest level of safety. Thanks to the insulated cigarette end tray and removable mesh, these containers are a perfect fire protection solution for your employees and passers-by.

Recycling bins with a multi-purpose ashtray

Ideal for companies, our recycling bins with ashtrays can also be adapted to other environments. Stations, supermarkets, hospitals, airports, universities, or any other type of public or private space, install our containers according to your needs and your inspirations. 100 liters, 250 liters, and so forth. These practical solutions are available in different volumes to meet the number of people who will use it.

Recycling bins with hygienic and odorless ashtrays

Our recycling bins with ashtrays have been specially designed to prevent the smell of waste and cigarettes from being propagated. Easy to empty, they also allow waste management to be optimized so as not to let debris to pile up and create unpleasant and unnecessary visual pollution.

Recycling bins with unique ashtrays that are unique and in keeping with your image

With signs, personalized logos, custom color, and dimensions, Urbaniere creates individual bins on request to offer you a solution that meets your needs but also your decoration, your tastes, and your budget. Feel free to contact us for advice or to find out more about our recycling containers with ashtrays.