Recycling and creativity – new ways of combining science and art


Recycling and creativity – new ways of combining science and art

Being creative can get a long way in many aspects of life. Recycling may be just one of those aspects, but it’s certainly one of the more important ones we have to think about.
Combining recycling and creativity through DIY projects has become easier than ever. There are plenty of sources on the internet you can use to find inspiration and start your new recycling/DIY project today.
Sure, there are always ways to use old stuff that we would usually throw away for making new and exciting things, but having a seemingly infinite source of inspiration and tutorials makes this quest a lot easier.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles, canisters and other plastic containers, which are very difficult to recycle as there are many of them out there in our garbage bags, can have a variety of uses in our daily lives.


Whether to use them for decoration purposes or create compartments for organizing your stuff, plastic bottles are extremely versatile in their use. If you’re looking for a great way to lighten up boring corners of your house and yard, plastic bottles can provide you with great ways to do so. There’s really no limit what you can do with them, as long as you have an open and creative mind.


Old textiles

Old clothes are making up a great part of our yearly waste. Although there are various ways communities collect old clothes either for donating or recycling purposes, there’s still a big percentage that just goes to waste.


Textiles like cotton and wool are unbelievably versatile and it’s a real shame when something made out of these materials is just thrown away. To make one thing clear here, before you consider recycling your old clothes into something new, make sure that you take a look at the option of donating them first. It doesn’t matter if the old sweater you have is not the latest fashion. Many people are in need of clothes, so consider this first.

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