MAX TRI Green Waste Recycling Bin for Offices


MAX TRI Green Waste Recycling Bin for Offices

•Effortless Recycling: Keep your facilities hygienic and neat with a versatile recycling bin that you can personalize with a free pictogram.
•Compact & Durable: Made of high-end sheet steel and boasting a compact design, this bin is shock-resistant and does not rot.
• Hygienic & Easy to Clean: Its quality finish makes this bin easy to clean and maintain. With an ideally sized lid, this bin makes glass recycling hygienic and easy.
• Customizable & Versatile: Available in 4 generous sizes with customizable signing options, this bin will adapt to your recycling needs.
• Appealing Design: With a modern and space-saving design, this bin has been crafted to fit any high traffic area: offices, cafeterias, corridors, factories, hotel lobbies, or restaurants.


MAX TRI Green Waste Recycling Bin for Offices and Factories 

A flexible and durable solution that encourages waste recycling, the MAX TRI recycling bin is the ideal choice for a wide variety of facilities: schools, offices, factories, shopping centers, or other high traffic spaces. Space-saving and easy to clean, this wear-resistant bin will fit any type of interior décor.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

30 / 35L, 50 / 60L, 90 / 100L, 200L

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  1. Fredda Linville

    I have used Urbaniere on many occasions and they have never let me down. The staffs were very understanding and accommodating. Thumbs up this company.

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