OBERON Waste Recycling Bin for Cans


OBERON Waste Recycling Bin for Cans

•Effortless Recycling: Make sure each type of waste ends up in the right compartment with our customizable and free pictograms! Endowed with a handy cans collector.
•Outstanding Quality and Design: Space-saving, rust-free, and shock-proof, this bin boasts an outstandingly beautiful and complex perforated steel artwork.
• Hygienic and Odor Free: The compartments can be accessed effortlessly by removing the receptacle, thus ensuring hygienic emptying and easy garbage bag change.
•Generous Volume Size: This bin is the ideal choice for restaurants, cafeterias, offices, or other types of high-traffic facilities with a substantial flow of waste.
• Fully Customizable: Take the lead and configure this bin to your liking! From volume to colors, lids, pictograms, or compartment types, you can adapt everything to your specific needs. If necessary, the bin can be endowed with a safe compartment for confidential papers.


OBERON Waste Recycling Bin for Cans

Head your establishment in an eco-friendly direction with a generously sized waste recycling bin that elegantly merges functionality, quality, and design. Ideal for canteens, restaurants, offices, or public institutions, the OBERON recycling bin comes with two generous containers and a can collector.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

2 + 1 x 30/35L, 2 + 1 x 50/60L, 2 + 1 x 90/100L

Colors Inner Compartments:

Blue, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Red, White, Blue, Green, White

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  1. Halifrid Lavoie

    I love this company. Our first transaction experience was superb. I would not hesitate to recommend to others.

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