RHEA Stainless Steel Waste Recycling Bin


RHEA Stainless Steel Waste Recycling Bin

• Easy & Convenient Recycling: This bin can be customized with a free pictogram, thus making sure that the bin perfectly meets your recycling needs.
• Hygienic and Odor Free: Suitable for a wide variety of high-traffic spaces, this bin features a handy swinging lid, thus ensuring hygienic waste depositing and preventing unpleasant smells from spreading around.
•Customizable: Available in stainless steel or metal, this bin can be used individually or combined with other bins to form professional recycling stations.
• Compact &Modern Design: With a modern and practical design, this bin is suitable even for limited spaces such as corridors.
• Enhanced Durability: Made only of high-quality materials, this bin is rust-free and shock-resistant.


RHEA Stainless Steel Waste Recycling Bin

Blending elegance and functionality, the RHEA recycling bin was engineered to foster recycling in high-traffic areas such as schools, offices, or public and private institutions. Easy to clean and empty, this versatile recycling bin can be personalized with free, easy-to-read pictograms.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

50/60L, 90/100L, 200L


Stainless steel, Metal

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  1. Lujza Thibault

    Excellent experience. The staff are pleasure to deal with. Smooth processing. Great quality products.

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