TITAN Stainless Steel Modular Waste Recycling Bin


TITAN Stainless Steel Modular Waste Recycling Bin

• Easy & Convenient Recycling: This bin can be personalized with pictograms, thus simplifying the recycling process.
• Hygienic and Odor Free: Featuring a hygienic swing lid, this bin will keep all the unpleasant smells where they belong: within!
• Easy to Clean & Empty: Access to the bin’s interior is done through a lockable front door that prevents vandalism and unauthorized access to the bin’s content.
• Modern &Compact Design: Available in stainless steel or metal, this bin boasts a space-saving and timeless design. The flat back makes it easy to place against walls.
• Wear-Resistant Build: Ideal for public spaces and community use, this bin is shock-resistant and rust-free.


TITAN Stainless Steel Modular Waste Recycling Bin 

Combining a sleek modern design with enhanced durability and functionality, the TITAN waste recycling bin is the perfect solution to responsible recycling in public and private spaces. Thanks to its modular design, this bin can be used individually or as a performant recycling station.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

50/60L, 90/100L, 200L


Stainless steel, Metal

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  1. Markell Tremble

    I called this company and the staff who answered my concerns was very friendly and professional. This experience with them is exceptional. A heartfelt thank you for all your help.

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