TOURBILLON Paper and Cans/Cups Collector


TOURBILLON Paper and Cans/Cups Collector

• Effortless Selective Recycling: This bin features 2 compartments for easy sorting and recycling: one for paper and one for cups/cans. Available with 2 different lids types for the paper compartment: horizontal or diagonal.
• Eco-Friendly: Ideal for offices, conference rooms, cafeterias, or schools, this bin will help you keep your facilities green!
• Easy to Clean & Hygienic: The access to the interior compartments is done by lifting the receptacle, thus ensuring easy and hygienic emptying and cleaning.
• Modern Design & Increased Durability: Made of sheet steel and boasting an elegant perforated metal design, this robust bin is rust-free and shock-proof. Its slimline design makes it suitable for reduced spaces such as corridors.
• Customizable: The interior buckets are available in various colors and volume capacities. The compartments can be personalized with free pictograms.


TOURBILLON Paper and Cans/Cups Collector

Inspire people to sort and recycle with a paper and cans/cups collector that boasts not only an attractive look but also durability and enhanced performance. With a slimline design and various personalization options, the TOURBILLON paper and cans/cups collector is sure to naturally blend with any type of interior décor and meet even the most exigent requirements.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm
Colors of the Inner Compartments:

Body: Black, Inner Compartments: Blue, Body: Black, Inner Compartments: Green, Body: Black, Inner Compartments: Yellow, Body: Black, Inner Compartments: White, Body: Black, Inner Compartments: Red


1 x 30 / 35L, 1 x 50 / 60L, 1 x 90 / 100L


Horizontal, Diagonal

1 review for TOURBILLON Paper and Cans/Cups Collector

  1. Normand Guillory

    This company don’t just sell wonderful design bins in a reasonable price but their service is second to none. Thanks and would definitely recommend.

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