TOURBILLON Waste Recycling Bin for Cups/Cans Elegant Design


TOURBILLON Waste Recycling Bin for Cups/Cans Elegant Design

• Effortless Recycling: Featuring 1 compartment for general waste and 2 cans/cups collectors, this bin can be customized with free pictograms for correct recycling.
• Hygienic & Odor Free: The optimally sized round lids will not only prevent unpleasant smells from spreading around but will also ensure a hygienic waste sorting and disposal.
• Easy to Clean: The interior compartments can be accessed by removing the receptacle, thus ensuring a hygienic and quick bag change.
• Elegant Design & Increased Durability: Made of sheet steel, this bin is not only durable but also visually appealing. The perforated metal design displays the colors of the inner compartments, creating a unique visual effect.
• Customizable: The interior buckets are available in various colors and volume capacities.


TOURBILLON Waste Recycling Bin for Cups/Cans Elegant Design

Add elegant functionality to your recycling system with a recycling bin that has been crafted to fit anywhere! Whether you place it in a corner or against a wall on a corridor, this compact bin will help you make the most of your available space. Ideal for cafeterias, shopping centers, schools, or public and private institutions, this bin is hygienic and easy to clean.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm
Colors of the Inner Compartments:

Body: Anthracite, Inner Compartments: Blue, Body: Anthracite, Inner Compartments: Green, Body: Anthracite, Inner Compartments: Yellow,, Body: Anthracite, Inner Compartments: White, Body: Anthracite, Inner Compartments: Red


1 x 30 / 35L, 1 x 50 / 60L, 1 x 90 / 100L

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  1. Lovell David

    I called up for a qualified quotation and they were great. Highly recommendable to anyone looking for the best recycling bin in town.

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