TOURBILLON Waste Recycling Bin for Office Anthracite Finishing


TOURBILLON Waste Recycling Bin for Office Anthracite Finishing

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• Effortless Recycling: Depending on your particular recycling requirements, this bin can be color-coded or customized with free pictograms.
• Hygienic & Odor Free: Keep your space neat and free of unpleasant smells with an easy-to-use recycling bin that is both beautiful and practical!
• Easy to Clean: You will be able to reach the interior compartmentfor easy emptying and cleaning by lifting the receptacle.
• Elegant Design & Increased Durability: Made of sheet steel, this bin combines durability with a stunning, perforated metal design. Thanks to its sober and elegant Anthracite finishing, this bin is compatible with any interior design.
• Versatile: The interior bucket is available in various colors and volume capacities.


TOURBILLON Waste Recycling Bin for Factories Anthracite Finishing 

Enjoy functionality and stunning design with a waste recycling bin that has been engineered to adapt to your needs! From the color of the interior bucket to volume and signaling options, this single waste stream bin can be customized to keep your facility tidy and free of odors while still adapting to your decorative needs.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm
Colors of the Inner Compartments:

Body: White, Inner Compartments: Blue, Body: White, Inner Compartments: Green, Body: White, Inner Compartments: Yellow, Body: White, Inner Compartments: Anthracite, Body: White, Inner Compartments: Red


1 x 30 / 35L, 1 x 50 / 60L, 1 x 90 / 100L

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  1. Ottaline Fabre

    Their website is great. It was very easy to fill my details online. I would definitely contact this company again. Superb service.

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