NEVADA Four-Stream Modern Design Recycling Bins

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NEVADA Four-Stream Modern Design Recycling Bins

• Multi-stream bins for waste separation and recycling
• Stylish & Sturdy: Made of high-quality powder-coated steel and boasting a trendy look, this modular recycling bin set is rust-free, shock-proof, and looks gorgeous no matter where you place it
• Hygienic and Odor Free: swivel lid is precisely weighted to flip closed, concealing waste and prevent odor
• Modern and effective recycling litter bins for office, commercial spaces, train stations, hotels, schools etc.
• Generous Capacity & Easy to Clean: Available in 2 sizes (60 and 100 litres)


NEVADA Four-Stream Modern Design Recycling Bins

Create a clean and elegant look with this four-stream modular waste bin for multi-sort trash collection! Use a recyclable waste station to clearly and easily separate and dispose of waste.

Multiple waste bins create a sturdy recycling station for office, hotels, schools, public spaces etc.

To empty quickly, simply remove the top section.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

4 x 50/60L, 4 x 90/100L


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