OFFICE Modular Waste Recycling Bin with Pictograms for Separation

450,003 000,00

OFFICE Modular Waste Recycling Bin with Pictograms for Separation

• Effortless Waste Recycling: Each module features an easy to understand pictogram, thus providing clear guidance towards correct waste disposal and sorting. Pictograms can be personalized to meet your particular needs. • Stylish & Sturdy: Made of sheet steel, rust-free bin, and shockproof, this bin has been designed to last and provide good value for your money. Its functional and modern design makes it suitable for practically any type of high traffic space. • Hygienic & Easy to Clean: Easy to handle and clean, this bin will always display a tidy appearance. • Eco-Friendly & Versatile: From organic waste to glass, plastic, and paper, each type of recyclable waste is sure to end up where it is supposed to. The perfect choice for crowded spaces such as offices, cafeterias, schools, or hotels, this compact bin can be easily adapted to any type of facility. • Multiple Sizes & Colors: Available in multiple sizes, colors, and modules combinations, this bin provides the versatility and functionality you have been looking for!


OFFICE Modular Waste Recycling Bin with Pictograms

Selective recycling can become simple with a versatile waste sorting system that will adapt to your space and motivate people to act right. Durable, beautiful, and versatile, this modular waste recycling bin requires minimal maintenance, does not rot, and will withstand intensive usage.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

30 / 35L, 50 / 60L, 90 / 100L, 200L


1 Module, 2 Modules, 3 Modules, 4 Modules

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  1. Taylor Lottman

    Excellent company. The representative who caters my request was very professional and friendly. Highly recommended.

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