TOURBILLON Triple Recycling Bin with Coffee Cups Compartment


TOURBILLON Triple Recycling Bin with Coffee Cups Compartment

• Easy Waste Sorting: Featuring clear pictograms, this double waste recycling bin will ensure that general waste will not be mixed up with bottles and cans.
• Hygienic & Sturdy: Made of sheet steel, this rust-free and shockproof bin was designed to resist daily usage.
• Versatile & Easy to Clean: Ideal for community use and high traffic public spaces such as offices or shopping centers, this bin is easy to clean and handle. You can color-code the inner containers or choose the color that best fits your décor.
• Modern & Compact Design: Due to its modern design, this compact recycling bin is an eye-catching ‘Call to Action’ reminder, enticing passers-by to use it.
• Optional Remote Monitoring System: The optional fill-level sensors ensure that the containers will never overflow. Automatic warnings are sent out to the cleaning service when the containers need to be emptied.


TOURBILLON Triple Recycling Bin with Coffee Cups Compartment

The TOURBILLON range of recycling bins are suited to internal recycling and are hugely popular, being used worldwide in a variety of locations including offices, schools, hotels, exhibition centres and public spaces.

The design features an open top lid that allows for handsfree use and encourages cleanliness. Waste is deposited through the colored apertures at the top of the bin. Its smooth surfaces ensure it can be easily cleaned.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm
Colors :

Green, Yellow, White, Custom (choose later)


2 x 50/60L + 1/2, 2 x 90/100L + 1/2


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