BELUGA Waste Recycling Bin for Restaurants

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BELUGA Waste Recycling Bin for Restaurants

• Easy Waste Sorting: Help your customers recycle correctly by endowing your bin with our customizable pictograms!
• Hygienic & Sturdy: Available in MDF + stainless steel or MDF + metal, this rust-free and shockproof bin is sure to resist intensive usage. The convenient tray top will entice customers to stack their trays neatly, allowing you to save time on cleaning.
• Easy to Clean& Hygienic: Ideal for restaurants, canteens, or cafeterias, this cabinet-style bin is easy to clean and handle. The interior buckets are easily accessible by opening the front doors and sliding them out, thus ensuring a hygienic and quick bag change.
• Modern & Compact Design: Due to its elegant and versatile design, this space-saving recycling bin will perfectly complement any type of interior décor and help you make the most of your available space.
• Optional Remote Monitoring System: Endowing your bin with fill-level sensors will allow you to monitor the fill levels from a distance, thus optimizing the cleaning process.

BELUGA Waste Recycling Bin for Restaurants

Enhance your clients’ dining experience with an elegant and durable waste recycling bin that has been thought out to be both aesthetically appealing and highly functional. Endowed with 2 easy to clean containers, the BELUGA waste recycling bin will allow you to keep your establishments clean, organized, and odor-free.

Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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